Brian Bonar’s Steps to Becoming a Successful Financial Manager

Brian Bonar is a successful financial expert who has worked in may many financial management positions. He has over 30 years experience in financial management field. According to Bonar, successful financial managers are those who have worked and gained experience in financial or business occupations such as financial analysts, auditor, loan officer, sales agent or accountant. He believes that a journey towards a successful financial, managerial positions starts with getting a basic bachelor’s degree and getting experience in the above-mentioned career fields.

Education Background
The basic bachelor’s degrees that Mr. Bonar sees relevant to successful financial managers include degrees in economics, accounting, finance or business administration. Mr. Bonar himself studied an engineering degree, but to be a successful financial expert he decided to take a business-related degree in his graduate studies. He, therefore, holds an MBA and Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University. He advises finance or business students to at least consider a master’s degree to help them learn financial analysis and develop analytical skills.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations
Brian Bonar will tell you that professional certification is not required for one to become a successful financial manager. However, he advises financial managers to get certification to demonstrate their level of competence to the world. For those with a basic business degree, Brian advises them to get the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification offered by the CFA Institute. For those with a minimum of two years of experience, he advises them to get the Certified Treasury Professional certification offered by the Association for Financial Professionals.

Work Experience in Related Careers
Work experience in related occupations is required for a successful financial manager. According to Brian Bonar, work experience of more than five years in financial or business occupations defines who is a successful financial manager. Brian Bonar’s career experience in business and finance corporations speaks a lot about his success. He worked for different corporations as a CEO, Financial Manager, Executive Director, Financial Analyst, Chief and Financial Advisor. He advises graduates first to work in different corporations because some of them have formal management training programs. These programs help shape future financial managers.

Important qualities that a successful financial manager must have
Brian also brings up some of the most important qualities that a successful financial manager should have. Some of these qualities include analytical skills, communication skills, math skills and organizational skills.

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