Brian Torchin’s Commitment to Recruiting Health Care Professionals

Health care recruitment counseling is an important and expanding field, and much of its growth can be directly attributed to the work of health care professional Brian Torchin. He has in fact been lauded by both clients and colleagues for his ability to consistently provide a qualified pool of candidates to the many occupations within this field.

Brian Torchin founded and today serves as a managing partner at HCRC Staffing, a Philadelphia-based company whose role is to market the many opportunities available in health care and related industries. He and his firm provide both consultation and employment search services to those interested in these fields. For more than a decade, his company has been satisfying the career goals of his clients at the same time fulfilling the needs of health care providers. With a client base of 200 located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, he offers services to various groups and enterprises that provide health services, including urgent care centers and private clinics.

Possessing a degree in exercise science, Brian Torchin worked for many years in the chiropractic field before launching his new career as a consultant and promoter. Dedicated to the goal of offering his clients solutions in a fast and efficient manner, he is known for his availability when it comes to answering questions and in carrying out requests. His firm has been able to achieve its goal of promoting health care recruitment by applying the principles of consultation, direction and expedience. In addition maintaining a busy regular schedule on behalf of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin publishes blog articles that cover an assortment of related issues. These topics may range from online marketing to the use of proper techniques in hiring health care professionals.

Brian Torchin understands how important it is for hospitals to integrate their services in order to control costs and guarantee patient satisfaction. Knowledge of the latest trends can help health care providers attract the best personnel and develop the services they need to improve, expand and, at the same time, remain profitable.  Get more of Brian’s tips on the HCRC Twitter.

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