Bruce Levenson Invests in His Passion

In the world of millionaire investors that spend all of their time investing in things that they don’t know anything about there is a man that is interested in putting his money into the things that he is passionate about. That man is Bruce Levenson. He has been able to build a resume of successful investments for his portfolio because he does two things well: the first thing involves investing in what he is passionate about; the second thing involves cutting losses when the investment isn’t providing the return on investment that he believed it would yield.

Bruce loves a lot sports. He plays tennis, golf and basketball, but his passion for basketball was great enough for him to make an investment in the NBA. He purchased the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 because he was highly impressed with the potential of the team. He saw the talent in this team, and he recognized the potential. These two things would give him the confidence to acquire this franchise. This team would improve over the years and get closer and closer to the playoffs each year as the roster improved. It would only be a matter of time before this group was obtaining more television coverage under his ownership. Levenson was investing in his passion, and it was paying off.

Over time Levenson has seen the progress, but there has been a point where he knew that his investment was falling short of his original investment prospects. This would prove to be a rather tough decision, but Bruce decided to sell when he was in a place where his expectations were not being met. This is something that has made him one of the smartest investors. He knows when to back out on an investment that is not going as it should. Many people fail to back out of investments even when they are losing money. Levenson is the smart investor that knows that it may be better to put more money into other businesses while he departs from the NBA investment.

Levenson has managed to have a lot of success with Tech Target and United Communications Group. These are the two staples that have managed to help him build his fortune. These are the investments that he has been able to capitalize on early and let his investments ride. These are the other areas of his life that he is also passionate about.

As someone that has taken on a lot of different business prospects Levenson has been able to give back to different organizations. Levenson has given back to organizations like Hoop Dreams and he has been involved with several non-profit organizations. Levenson and his wife have made a lot of contributions to different causes over the years. He has seen the need to lend a helping hand and give others the opportunities to move beyond their limitations. Levenson is a business man that has extended the ladder for others to take the lead and become creative workforce leaders.

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