Bruce Levenson, The Owner Of Atlanta Hawks Is Very Charitable

Bruce Levenson is a man who has undoubtedly achieved a lot for a person his age. Currently, he remains to be the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks. According to Forbes Magazine, from the year 2004, Levenson has also had the role of Governor to the NBA Board of Governors.

Before owning the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce had co-founded United Communications Group together with ED Peskowitz. United Communications Group, is a directory of companies which are specialized in providing information about companies. UCG now stands as one of the best firms that provide useful information to people in from all over the world. Any information one would need on companies in all the sectors of the economy is available in the enterprise.

Bruce Levenson is also a stakeholder at the TechTarget. He is one of the inaugural shareholders of the now publicly-traded company. Tech Target is listed on the NASDAQ Stock market. Bruce once served on the board of the firm.

Recently, with one of his long-term partner, Bruce founded DOT. DOT is a company with an impressive approach to toasting bread. The firm employs a cutting edge technology that ensures one can toast bread in less than 5 seconds.

Bruce remains to be the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks. He has also served since 2004 as the Hawks Governor on the NBA Board of Governors.

Bruce Levenson derives satisfaction in being a force for change within communities. He is extensively involved in philanthropic ventures together with his wife, Karen. The couple has facilitated the creation of the Center For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. The organization is housed at the University of Maryland.

CPNL through the annual initiative known as Do Good seeks to train a new crop of leaders. According to, the program puts the University of Maryland on the map as the premiere Do Good University in the United States. Financial support for the initiative is expected to surpass the $75 million mark from various sources. Bruce Levenson has a lot of experience in running philanthropic ventures given that he once held the role of president at the I Have A Dream Foundation.

Bruce Levenson is an active basketball player. He also enjoys playing golf and traveling. He lives in Atlanta together with his wife and their three sons. Bruce went to through the Washington University in St, Louis. He also has the professional background in law having passed through the American University’s School of Law. Levenson is also a trained journalist, and he once worked for the Washington Star before he decided to pursue his path in the business world.

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