Bruce Levenson Wants Claim Honored In Lawsuit

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group are facing a messy legal battle over an insurance claim they filed. Levenson and AHBE sold the Atlanta Hawks in early 2015, and when the sale was complete they decided to buy out then general manager Danny Ferry’s contract. AHBE had a policy with the AIG insurance company to which they say allowed them to file claims for loss compensation under such a circumstance. But AIG so far has not validated the claim and refuses to issue any payments to Levenson or AHBE. AHBE and Levenson are now seeking payments for damages in court, including payments for attorney fees from AIG.

Bruce Levenson owned the Atlanta Hawks from 2004-2011 reveals ESPN after buying the majority shares of the team from Turner Media, he also has quite a resume as a businessman and philanthropist. His business career started back in the 1970s while he was attending American University’s law school, where on the side he was starting up small newspapers. Levenson’s first major publication was Oil Express, a journal that had information about the oil industry. Not long after, Levenson started up Unified Communications Group, a media outlet that published all kinds of newsletters about healthcare, energy, environment, and technology. They would later start a subsidiary called TechTarget.

Bruce Levenson founded and sat on the boards of several philanthropies. One that he helped start was Hoop Dreams, a basketball tournament that was hosted in the Washington DC area to raise proceeds for inner city children’s educational needs. Levenson has also been a large contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, in large part because of his Jewish heritage, and because his mother-in-law survived the event. Levenson has sponsored programs educating youth about the Holocaust, even leading them to become tour guides at the museum. He also supports Birthright Israel and BBYO.

Source: brucelevenson website

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