Bruno Fagali: Changing the Face of Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is one of the most promising young lawyers in all of Brazil. His ambition and drive to make Brazil a reliable business oriented country is beginning to take shape. With the help of Mr. Bruno, Brazil will improve its reputation as a corruption-free nation with the most ethical and honest business practices.

As globalization spreads and the uncertainty of the global economy increases it will be increasingly important for nations to improve their reputations for being stable, safe, and reliable. This will increase their ability to attract foreign investors and increase the value of their exports, but first they must meet the stringent standards of the European and North American markets.

Bruno believes the ethical rules and regulations in Brazil are up to the standards of the European benchmarks, but the compliance structures implemented in Brazilian companies are difficult to maintain. It is easier to make ethical bylaws and company policies then to actually practice them. This is where Bruno Fagali’s own law firm Fagali Advocacia comes in handy.

Bruno and Lucas Aluisio Sctimburgo Pedroso his business partner began Fagali Advocacia to improve the compliance and ethical standards of Brazilian businesses, which would in turn help the entire economy flourish.

Bruno earned his B.A. in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in early 2009 and then with the help and encouragement of his peers and professors he took it upon himself to specialize in Administrative Law. This enthusiasm to imporve the legal integrity of the nation drove Bruno to the University of Sao Paulo where he earned his Masters in Law. While earning his degree Bruno worked tirelessly at Nova/SB as its Corporate Integrity Officer. In 2017, he had studied every piece of compliance, ethics, and corporate integrity literature he could get his hands on to meet his own standards of the being the best in the business.

The future of Brazil and its business integrity are looking bright at the moment. Bruno Fagali will ensure he continues to fight corruption and change the overall perception of the Brazilian legal system. This is the beginning of a new era for Latin America.

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