Building A Community Minded Medical Practice

Dr. Mark McKenna is known in the medical field as an excellent surgeon and community activist. He was born in Louisiana and attended Tulane University there. He began his medical practice working with his father at his practice. He learned a lot while working there medically but, he mostly learned about compassion. Compassion for both his patients and for his community. Dr. Mark McKenna started to become active in his area, working with several organizations to help those people who did not have adequate medical care. After a few years, he founded his own charitable organization that not only helped medically, but, helped people to rebuild their lives. He also started his own real estate business which included everything you needed to purchase a home. They not only found the home, but, secured financing for it and all of the closing details. The business flourished for many years. When Hurricane Katrina hit the area in 2005 and destroyed most of New Orleans and the surrounding areas, Dr. Mark McKenna lost most of his real estate investments. Instead of leaving the area, he chose to stay and help to rebuild it. He was very successful at this.

After working with the residents of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna moved his medical practice to Georgia and built quite a list of patients. He is currently licensed to practice surgery in both Georgia and Florida, where he often finds himself. He founded and ran a new company on his move where the focus is on wellness. He believes that not only physical medicine helps to treat a patient but there must be a certain level of emotional and mental help also. The idea is to give patients the power of self healing and that by doing so, they will reduce the medical problems they are having. This is a new area of medicine that is being done across the country and it has proven to be quite helpful to patients. Doctors are recognizing this form of treatment more and more. It has become very popular in the medical field and Mark McKenna uses it in all of his practices.

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