California Ski Resorts offer a great experience

Growing up on the east coast I always was skeptically about west coast skiing. Sure, they had powder and we skied on ice, sure, they have a myriad of tall mountains to choose from that make the mountains of my youth look like foothills, and sure, they have the climate and conditions so you can go surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon – but I was always skeptical. My recent trip Squaw Valley changed all of that. I’m officially hooked on Lake Tahoe skiing.

Alpine Valley resort was beautiful, and the skiing was to die for. A quick shuttle ride from the resort brought me and my friends to some of the best skiing I’ve ever had. Skiing on the site of the 1960’s winter Olympic games at is a truly awe inspiring experience: its feels entirely surreal.

The area has great skiing for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re just getting started in this sport or you’ve been skiing for years, you’ll find trails that are fun, exciting, and challenging. There is everything from short sharp drops and large mogul fields, to slow, relaxing, and gentle paths. The wide variety of trails and high capacity, fast moving ski lifts mean you won’t be waiting at the bottom of the mountain for a lift, you’ll be spending your time tearing up the slopes instead.

The accommodations are excellent. Unlike many other locations, this is a resort that is designed around the beautiful location it is in, and which understands the groups it is catering to. Is a ski vacations perfect partner, designed, laid out, and unlikely suited for enhancing your skiing experience.

While east coast skiing will always have special and nostalgic place in my heart, skiing at Lake Tahoe is something different; It’s a truly perfect skiing experience. From the easy access and travel, to the incredible accommodations, to the killer slopes, it’s the place to be. Lake Tahoe is now permanently on my list of locations when planning a ski vacation. Skiing there is in a class of its own, and I can’t wait to go back.

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