California To Do Its Own Single Payer Healthcare Plan

The State of California is not too happy at all with the way things are going with the US government. In fact, the State has made up its mind that it will move forward with so many liberal ideals and laws. They want to reshape the State in a way that makes it better for the people who live there.


One of the things that California has done to defy the Federal government is to go ahead with its own single payer healthcare system according to


Residents of the state of California will be able to receive free healthcare including doctors visits, medical exams, and the like. You will have to be a resident of the state to qualify, but this would be a big deal particularly for those who are desperately in need of medical services.


This plan is expected to cost the state $331 billion which they will raise from re-directing some of the Medicare funds they receive from the Federal Government as well as an increase in their individual sales tax and business receipts tax.


The state believes that it can move forward with this and can negotiate pharmaceutical prices as well as make some other changes that are not available in other states to have free medical care available to all citizens of California. This could be something that causes other states to catch on as well. After all, most everyone likes it when they are able to get something for free. It would be a better system for the citizens then having to pay the ridiculously high amounts of money that most pay for their healthcare these days, and there could be benefits to the quality of the care received as well.


Given all of this, California is taking a pioneering step to say no to the Trump Administration and yes to their own ideas and how they want to govern themselves. It will be interesting to see how this battle continues to rage on.


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