California’s Primary Structure May be Impacting House Races

While California is clearly a liberal state with a significant advantage for the Democratic Party, the party in primary races may be falling short of expectations. This is a growing source of frustration for Democrats in a state long dominated by Democrats and with Registered Republicans being the third most represented party in the state.


In California, the two candidates from the primaries who attract the most votes will face off against each other in the General election, regardless of their political party. As such, there can be two democrats or two republicans running against each other in the general election, leaving the faithful of the other party without a horse to bet on.


In the upcoming California elections in the house, many of the Republicans in the races are benefiting from what is being called a better farm team. Democrats have failed to invest in lower positions and minor elected roles, while the Republican Party has been more active in this role. As these minor roles mature, they often come to prominence with better name recognition and ground support from their years of service.


The California Democrats don’t have much of a bench team and are often placing candidates for the various House races who are lacking experience and name recognition in the states, and who are suffering with a lack of support as a result.


This has been particularly true in Orange County, which is effectively a suburb of Los Angeles. Orange County was a traditional conservative powerhouse but had been leaning Democratic as the population has become more mixed in recent years. For the race in this county, the Democratic candidates are inexperienced and first time politicians while the Republican options are more experienced and viable in many minds. This is causing many voters in Orange County to lean Republican when their inclinations are more liberal.


Given the nationwide fight for seats in the House of Representatives and what a shift to the Democratic side could have on Trump’s agenda, a lot is at stake in this heavily Democratic and liberal state at the Senate level.

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