Can Alleged Mail Bomber Cesar Sayoc Get A Fair Trial In The United States?

Fifty-six-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr. has a serious man crush on Donald Trump. The former pizza delivery man made his love for Trump public when he allegedly sent 13 or 14 mail bombs, to the enemies of his mental lover, Trump. His van was a walking advertisement for all things Trump. And Sayoc social media pages were full of political postings that showed how deep Sayoc hatred for Democrats went. Every time he heard Trump speak, he got a healthy dose of anti-Democratic rhetoric. Every time Trump had a chance to blast the media, and especially CNN, Sayoc got more courage. Trump was sending Sayoc a message, and in his mind, he had to act on it.

According to the Washington Post, Trump believes Sayoc alleged actions have nothing to do with him. Trump blames the media for giving Sayoc and other Trumpians the opportunity to act out Trump’s fury. A Trumpian fury that is running around the United States. The thought-energy Trump deposits during these midterm rallies is all about Trump’s image as a nationalistic leader. A leader who will fall on his sword to protect the borders of America from the immigrants. Immigrants who helped make this country great for more than 500 years.

Sayoc isn’t cooperating with police. And his attorney Sarah Jane Baumgartel decline to comment, according to the Washington Post. Mr. Sayoc has a long criminal record, and he even pleaded guilty to a bomb threat when he was twenty-nine. It doesn’t look good for Sayoc or his attorney.

Some people want to know how does Sarah Jane Baumgartel can defend Sayoc. Can she say Trump pushed Sayoc over his mental edge, and Cesar created a reality where he was Trump’s hidden weapon. He was the guy who could get all the bad guys out of the way, so Trump could rule like Putin or maybe “Little Rocket Man.” Is there a reasonable defense if all members of the jury are Democrats or Republicans? And what happens when the jury is half blue and half red? Can Republicans and Democrats on the jury review the facts and give their opinion without political bias?

According to some legal experts, Cesar Sayoc will have more than enough prison time to watch his man crush keep the hate fires burning at other people’s expense. People who believe Trump stands for more than his obvious self-serving agenda.

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