Can Milwaukee Bucks Fans Play Wes Edens FlyQuest?

You see more and more brand synergy all the time. It might be your favorite candy bar and cereal. Are there any synergies between Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks and League of Legends’ FlyQuest?

Winning Brands

The NBA has become well-established. It is actually one of the most powerful sports’ brands in the world. Children everywhere dream of playing in the NBA.They model their games after the NBA stars. They wear the jerseys of their favorite players. They even name their children after the NBA players.Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks can use many of their most successful marketing techniques to advance the FlyQuest brand. They could use non-stop music to keep fans excited. They might use smoke and noise to introduce the FlyQuest players.Entertainment is what it is all about. People turn to winning sports brands to be entertained. They want to have non-stop stimuli.NBA players are adding other types of entertainment to advance their brands. You might think of Shaq in movies. This could be a good outlet for FlyQuest players. How many FlyQuest players have been in Hollywood movies?This would advance the League of Legends, FlyQuest and the individual stars. It might have the same effect that a winning franchise would have. The best stars would want to play for FlyQuest because of all the fringe benefits.These would include fame and fortune. FlyQuest stars might be seen with Hollywood celebrities. They would rub shoulders with famous Milwaukee Bucks players.

Children’s Heroes

Children are a blank slate. They have creative potential, but have not decided what they want to do yet. FlyQuest and the Bucks could help children focus their creative energy into positive pursuits.Instead of flowing everywhere, their creative focus could be centered on the Bucks and FlyQuest. They could learn how to face challenges and overcome them. They could learn the value of teamwork.They could learn the value of self-sacrifice, hard work, dedication and winning. They could envision a goal and figure out how to achieve that goal. Wes Edens is training the winners of tomorrow.

 Fantasy Entertainment

Just imagine if some of the best Milwaukee Bucks players became League of Legends players? Wes Edens could have the League of Legends pay for the use of their likeness. That way the FlyQuest brand would be advanced, along with the Buck brand.Eventually, people would note the similarities. They would have options for both their sports and eSports viewing pleasure. Children are creative and can dream up many new ways to have players and legends interact.One of the latest sports crazes is to have numerous jerseys. Instead of having one or two colors, they have hundreds of colors. These Bucks’ jerseys could have some FlyQuest logos on them. Since Wes Edens owns both the Bucks and FlyQuest, he profits when either of the brands is advanced. If they both become more popular, he might move up from being a billionaire to a trillionaire.

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