Careers in Finance

Embarking on a career in finance may seem like a daunting task. but there are numerous pathways and fields within finance. There are opportunities at every level, from high intensity investment banking positions, to personal wealth management at a local bank branch, and everywhere in between. If you are seeking a career that works a normal forty hour work week or another that works eighty hours, the finance field can and will accommodate those desires.

The best way to start a strong career in finance is through education. Picking the right university and classes can help create a desirable pedigree when employers read your resume. High grades, campus involvement, research projects, and professor recommendations are all great ways to be noticed and receive extra consideration for desirable internships and career positions. When working in an internship, it is crucial that you impress your bosses, work seemingly unnecessarily hard, and take every opportunity offered to you. These same principles apply to long term employment, especially entry level positions, as well. It is so important to make a strong impression because reputation as a hard worker that does things correctly can be invaluable down the road of your career.

If you aspire to work in a large corporation doing investment banking or trading, you will need to work even harder, as these jobs are difficult to come by, but also pay very well. Because of the high paying nature of these positions, many people seek to obtain them, no matter the long hours or stressful work. On the other hand, there are many “normal” jobs, too, that require standard hours of work and regular levels of stress. It is important to really examine yourself and your career goals, then set your sights on something realistic and actually desirable. For some people, money is everything, and there is no limit to how much they will work. For others, work and money are means to an end in a happy life, and those people choose to work to live.

Either way, it is important to work hard and be introspective to figure out what you are looking for. Based on the success story of Igor Cornelsen, the finance field is broad and offers many opportunities at a number of levels.

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