CBO Numbers Paint Grim Picture for Republican Healthcare Bill

It is no secret that President Trump has set anything related to former President firmly in his sights for disposal. From E.P.A. guidelines to environmental regulations, President Trump is trying to make it seem like President Obama simply never existed. The crowning jewel of President Obama’s legacy, the Affordable Care Act, has been the source of pure right wing rage for the better pat of the last 7 years. Now, with all three branches of government on their side, Republicans are destroying themselves without any real recourse. President Trump’s latest healthcare position, as reported by the CBO, would end up kicking 32 million people off of their health care, and that’s just the start.

The Congressional Budget Office is a bipartisan committee that looks at major legislation in order to see what it would do the economy. The Congressional Budget Office isn’t failproof but it gives a great set of guidelines to potential legislation and that is why bipartisan politicians have typically respected the numbers that they come up with. According to the CBO were President Trump to be successful in repealing and replacing Obamacare with a Republican version there would be massive fallout. People would die. According to the initial CBO report nearly 17 million people would be dumped off of health insurance next year and a full 32 million would be thrown off within the next 10 years. During this time span it is reported that premiums would double and the insurance market would start to destabilize — all while adding massive debt to the Country.

Right now top Republican leaders are having a tough time selling this option to to their party and people are taking notice. Democrats are rightfully using this as an opportunity to start striking back at what they feel is a destructive agenda by President Trump.

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