Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders

Virginia Senator Bernie Sanders had made no bones about his dislike for Charles Koch. That said it is questionably one of the bravest moves by Charles to find a common ground with the Vermont Senator. In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post Charles Koch shows his support for some of Sanders opinions. In his op-ed Charles states, “The senator is upset with a political and economic system that is often rigged to help the privileged few at the expense of everyone else, particularly the least advantaged. He believes we have a two-tiered society that increasingly dooms millions of our fellow citizens to lives of poverty and hopelessness. He thinks many corporations seek and benefit from corporate welfare while ordinary citizens are denied opportunities and a level playing field. I agree with him.”

There are millions of American’s who are disparaged by Mr.Koch’s comments. As the seventh richest man in America, with a company that is ranked second wealthiest in the nation it is hard to fathom Mr. Koch’s ability to relate with the common working class citizens. However, recently Koch industries have changed their policies regarding the hiring of applicants with a criminal record. They are one of the few billion dollar companies who have. The Koch brothers have funded several think tanks such as the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. It is through the studies conducted by their think tanks the Koch brothers gauge a candidates worthiness in the political arena.

Charles Koch was born and raised in Wichita,Kansas. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. During the vourse of his studies he received his Bachelor degree in general engineering, his masters degree in mechanical engineering and his second masters degree in chemical engineering. Upon graduation Charles accepted a position with Arthur Little Inc. In 1961 he returned home to Wichita to join the family business. By 1967 Charles had taken over as President and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries.

Since 1982 Charles Koch has held the position of director with Entrust Financial Corp. He is also the director of Invista, a resin and fiber company. He was also named director of Georgia-Pacific LLC,. Charles is a well known philanthropist as well as businessman. He has founded several philanthropic organizations, such as the Cato Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Mercatus Center, the Bill of Rights Institute, and the Market-Based Management Institute. He is anhonored member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

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