Chinese Maternity Wards Raided

In recent years an industry has sprouted up in the United States and primarily in California, Hawaii, and other tourist spots where Chinese women give birth the babies in the United States which provides those children with instant citizenship to the country. Once the child reaches 21 years old the children can request citizenship for their parents and the entire family can emigrate to the United States. The US grants instant citizenship to any babies who are born in the country.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that, to support these individuals, an industry of maternity hospitals has sprung up which houses soon to be mothers who will have a child in a few months during this period of time so that the baby can be born in the country. For the ability to live with them the maternity hotel will charge a fee that can be as high as several tens of thousands of dollars, exclusive of any medical services.

Over three dozen of these maternity hospitals were raided today with both the owners of the facilities and the expecting mothers questioned. Facilities were primarily targeted in Los Angeles and Orange country. There is no clear indication of what the charges will be for either the soon to be parents or the hotel operators though, if any, or discussion on the legality of the practice. To avoid detection many travel to travel hotspots like Hawaii or Las Vegas so they can avoid detection.

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