Chris Burch Transforms Nihi Sumba into Tropical Paradise for Vacationers

Nihiwatu and its Discovery thru Claude and Petra Graves

The magical Island of Nihi Sumba is also the ancestral home of the Marapu peoples, who still live on the Island of Sumba. It unknown when the Sumba began to inhabit the Island, but they can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The Marapu are a peaceful people who thrive on community. It was this spirit that attracted Claude and Petra Graves to come to Sumba Island in 1988. They were seeking a place close to a tropical paradise and they became mystified by Sumba when they first landed on its beaches. At the time, the small portion of the Sumba Island was called Nihiwatu.


Initial Steps Towards Nihiwatu Transformation

The Graves began making plans to transform Nihiwatu into the tropical paradise where people could visit and enjoy. However, they met Chris Burch and told him of this beautiful place. Burch had been looking for someplace special to share with his family for some time. Immediately after speaking with Chris Burch he and his two sons traveled to Nihiwatu and within a couple of days began making plans to acquire the land and transform it into what is now called Nihi.


Enter James McBride Hotelier

Chris Burch called his friend, the New York Hotelier and Restauranteur, James McBride, and asked him if he wanted to be a co-developer of the property. Within a couple of years, the property was open to visitors who have been a constant flow to the property since its opening. Nihi has been chosen as the #1 destination spot by the readers of Travel + Leisure readers several years in a row.


Chris Burch Creative

Chris Burch (b. March 28, 1953) is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has been a venture capitalist or angel investor on behalf of more than 50 modern upstarts.

Chris Burch seeks to disrupt the industry by investing in new companies that are providing services that will transform society. Thru his network of more than 50 companies, Chris Burch leads these companies into new territory to expand in new ways. Many of his latest investment has already begun to show deep promise: Nihiwatu, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocooon9. Burch Creative Capital is located in New York City from where he manages a conglomerate of industry-changing businesses, each of which Chris Burch originally funded. The year Chris Burch was listed as a Billionaire by Forbes was 2012, read more (

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