Chuck Schumer Asks Trump To Testify Before Senate

Chalk this one up to things that will never happen but minority leader Chuck Schumer has invited Donald Trump to testify before the Senate. He wants the President to testify about the Russia situation in an open doors hearing that would be televised on C-Span and surely every major cable news network as well.


The Hill reports that the minority leader is serious about his offer even though the White House will almost certainly turn it down. Schumer wants to make the offer because he believes that the President could clear up the cloud of suspicion around his connections to Russia if he really wanted to.


While this is a clever political move, it is certainly just that. The minority leader is flexing his political muscle and in a way almost taunting the President to actually show up. At the same time, the point is valid that Donald Trump could clear his own name if he really wanted to by appearing before the Senate and giving his testimony about what really happened with all of this Russia business. He is not required to show up in any way, but it might be a good sign to the American people if he were to actually do so.


Donald Trump has never been a big fan of Chuck Schumer, and this is not likely to help improve matters on that front. The whole Democratic Party would like to embarrass the President in any way that they can in order to score some political points, because that is what political people do. However, these hearings are about a very serious matter, and it would be nice if there were some accountability from both parties to get to the bottom of this matter.


There has been on word from the White House about what they think about the offer, but again they are very likely to ignore it or repudiate it. There is virtually no chance that this really happens.


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