CIA Director Comments On Report

CIA Director John Brennan held a press conference this week where he was faced with many questions regarding the recently released Senate report on interrogation techniques used by the CIA. The report covered allegations from 2002-2007, and outlined many strategies to extract information from terrorists in the War on Terror. Brennan addressed the media, in a rare speech held in Langley Virginia, to directly confront the report and protect his Agency from further outrage.

The report which was released earlier this week, detailed some very disturbing tactics that operatives were encouraged to use in extracting information. In anticipation of backlash, all government offices, including embassies abroad were protected with heightened security. No violence was reported in response to the report, although protests have been held and media reporting has been scrutinizing. Brennan did not defend the tactics, saying that they were surprising and said that it crossed the line in many circumstances. When he was asked to comment on which ones he found abhorrent, he did not name many tactics and particularly avoided commenting on rectal feeding and rectal rehydration which were previously unknown to the public. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thought this was a bit telling. Other techniques, such as waterboarding, had been reported on and debated previously which led directly to this current report.

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  • April 13, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Brennan also strategically avoided calling any of the techniques as torture, which is illegal and has been banned for decades. Any amount of admitted torture would lead to UN restrictions. This is intentional because do not like to associate themselves with what is going on.

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