ClassDojo Creates a Monster-Fun Classroom


For young and pre-teen children, social-emotional skills can be difficult to master. To get help teaching ideas in an accessible way that’s easier for young minds to grasp, parents and educators are turning to the ClassDojo monsters. Following in the traditions of Sesame Street, Mojo and the other characters make emotional intelligence concepts (“EQ”) more relatable.


 According to, the Big Ideas Video Series is part of ClassDojo’s expansion. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don work to implement input from the educational community to improve their offerings. The goal is to foster positive culture within the classroom, expand concepts beyond the schoolroom, and engage community from the ground-up for a more positive society as a whole.  The site, has the added details.


Creating content and support for parents, teachers and students is the natural outgrowth of the ClassDojo app and online tools already used in two out of every three schools in the US. The communications platform offers classroom-connecting content and a teacher-moderated social network that keeps parents connected to classroom through messages, pictures and student portfolios. Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based company partnered with Stanford’s PERTS and Harvard’s Making Caring Common to create educational videos on topics like empathy, growth mind-set and core EQ concepts.

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The videos use the likeable monsters to model behaviors and reveal important philosophies in fun way. They’ve been translated into 35 different languages, and are used internationally. It is estimated that ClassDojo videos reach approximately one in three children in elementary and middle schools in the US.

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