ClassDojo Provides a New Step Into the Future

ClassDojo is a unique app that serves to unite the classroom teacher, the student, and the parent in a joint effort to collaborate together in an educational adventure. It allows real-time observation and communication between the three during class so all can participate and support one another

Students are able to share classwork and project by sending a text message, a photo, or a video. Teachers can check the morning parental messaging system to learn who might be absent that day due to illness or other reasons. The parents can send a message to the teacher with questions about comments.

The project was developed by a former teacher who spent a great deal of time listening to other teachers and their “wish-list” or tools that could be of help in getting students off and running with their academic pursuits. Lots of trial runs and testing with feedback from all parties has resulted in the finished product in use today.

ClassDojo is in use in 90 percent of the kindergarten through eighth-grade classes in the United States and in over 180 countries all over the world. It has been translated into over 35 different languages and is growing rapidly.

ClassDojo is designed to help students master the “soft skills” of learning which are curiosity, focus, and persistence. Without these skills it is very difficult to learn a subject and master it. While these are not about the learning of facts, it is about the underlying traits that make it easier to master the facts of a subject.

For example in a classroom setting one of the biggest problems teachers have is to keep the attention of the students. With ClassDojo, the teacher can send an audible “ping” to the avatar of the student, which is a cartoonish character of sorts that represents the student. The other students hear the ping which can represent a “good listening” or “great participation” award of points. Of course, points can be taken away too, for misbehaving.

The bottom line is that much of learning is emotional and social and it is these skills that pave the way for learning, not only while in school, but throughout one’s entire life.

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