Clay Hutson is a successful tour manager, production manager, and sound engineer. The brilliant tour manager has been at the helm of several successful tours attributed to renowned musicians.


Hutson has a vast experience in using various sophisticated sound equipment. In addition to this, he is also a knowledgeable automation creator who is familiar with technologically enhanced hoist control systems. Clay Hutson deals with crucial matters such as stage management where he gets to direct and control essential issues such as light, various cues, monitors, digital sound and light equipment, videos, stage designing among others. The thriving tour manager gets to use some of the latest sound and stage management equipment which he utilizes expertly and endorses. Some of them include a system called Kinesys from VER engineers. Hutson termed the Kinesys system as an amazing one. Another piece of equipment that Hutson has been able to expertly use and endorse as a monitor engineer is the SD11 console from DiGiCo. The brilliant sound engineer has been able to professionally use and endorse all versions of this equipment. Through using it during numerous tours of renowned musicians like Marilyn Manson, Aaron Lewis among others. The experienced tour manager has been able to utilize the equipment well and to coordinate with others during the tours.


When it comes to his job, Clay Hutson has no limits as he can work in an acoustic setting, live music setting, digital setting and any other type of stage setting. Part of the tour manager successful streak also comes from the dedication he puts in every tour project he is involved in regardless of his role. He is also versatile and he can go to any lenghth to ensure that a musician gets an impressive and successful tour. This includes huge strides such as carrying his own equipment during challenging tours. The brilliant sound engineer holds the thought that having the best equipment for the job is one of the reasons his career has been able to soar professionally. Learn more:


Clay Hutson is definitely one of the best in his field when it comes to handling massive tours. However, he believes that one should always deliver their best regardless of the size of the job. This is because being a consistent professional has always managed to land him more jobs. During all gigs, Hutson ensures that he matches the energy on the stage to the crowd’s enthusiasm. He admits that although working with various equipment at the numerous venues he has been in many seem challenging, he always does his best with the what he is given.

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