Clay Hutson

Hutson makes his living as a sound engineer and production manager who uses the DigiCo SD 11 console at a Staind tour where he functioned as FOH/Monitor Engineer and day-to-day/production/tour manager. He has used DigiCo since his Marilyn Manson days when he used a D5 model. He is also partial to the 2MAX flat, natural sounding earphone monitor. Hutson provides the following services: production design, production management, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics manager, stage management, and rigging. He offers a turn-key solution that is tailored to every artist’s budget as an event manager/music producer. Hutson was at the OneRepublic 2017 Honda Civic tour where he feels the Kinesys system is brilliant with repeatable movements that are also precise.


For this tour, the sponsor wanted a large 16:9 formatted screen in the center of the stage. This set up created a challenge so the sound engineering team decided to use Kinesys as the sound system. The 40 ft wall was designed to show promotions between acts. One Republic had video consisting of IMAG on two triangular LED screens on top of the triangular shaped lighting rig. Hutson has been a DigiCo supporter since his previously mentioned Marilyn Manson tour.


He wanted an SD7 for this particular tour, and he had both Maxwell and Marilyn Manson sharing the SD7. Maxwell’s group was not input heavy, they were output heavy. He had an output for every input during this particular tour. Hutson had transitioned from D5 to SD7, where he learned all the features long enough to get acquainted with the new board. The SD7 is an advancement in sound board technology because it has adaptability. Hutson got his experience with DigiCo because the Technical Sales Manager came in from Las Vegas to walk him through the experience.


The SD7 console has no sound extremes. A show needs to maintain audio consistency throughout the music. Hutson feels that sound engineers need to learn their gear, to be taught something new at every turn. The SD7 is designed to meet the needs of any touring engineer, and Hutson knows this console very well. The SD7 has been designed to make navigating easier, which makes the music flow smoothly at every show Hutson has worked on since 2005. Learn more:


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