Clayton Hutson to Join Kid Rock’s second Tour

Clayton Hutson is a local production manager who stands out due to his exceptional work. He will be joining Kid Rock on his second tour, which will begin on August 2018 and end on November. Even though Kid Rock has an outspoken personality, which makes it hard for him to prepare his tours, Hutson was a big contribution to the first show’s success. Hutson found solutions to the hurdles that the tour was facing at the time. He used his experience as a stage manager to help solve the problems.




The tour saw millions of people show up. There is no doubt that his contribution towards the success of the first tour is the main reason why he is being asked to join the second tour. However, he will be the production manager this time around and not the stage manager. As the production manager, he will have to think ahead to identify any issues that may arise even beforehand and have a solution ready. The Kid Rock band is one of the summertime bands, and the Red Rock N Roll Redneck extravaganza tour is already sold out in most markets.




Clayton Hutson is excited about the team he will work with on the tour. Clayton is in high demand, and at times he has to work on multiple levels at the same time. For instance, the Kid Rock tour is starting while the Soul2souls tour is coming to an end both which he is working on. When he is not planning tours, Clayton loves doing music something he has been passionate about ever since he was young. He also dedicates most of his time to expanding his business. He started his business when the organization he was working had a hard time getting new opportunities during the recession.




Clayton Hutson decided to create his own company, which offers him the opportunity to pursue his passion for production design. He provides services such as stage management, production design and management, and logistics. However, he mostly focuses on stage management. One habit that makes Hutson a more productive entrepreneur is working ahead of what is happening. The strategy that Hutson uses has helped him grow his business is hard work. The book that he recommends everyone to read is “Doing sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.” He recommends the book since it provides a way to look at life at both a personal and professional level.

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