Clinical Pathways Launched at Cancer Treatment of America

Cancer Center of America®, NantHealth, and Allscripts have collaborated, with from oncologists, to integrate Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records with eviti® in order to inform the cancer treatment process without disrupting the flow of a clinician’s day. This resource, called Clinical Pathways, will provide all potential cancer treatment options with constantly updated supporting data to help inform cancer treatment decisions. The Clinical Pathways platform will present these treatment options along with their costs, common reactions to treatments, and allow treatments to be compared. This information will help expedite the insurance approval process.

Cancer Center of America is a network of five hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa that have made cancer their sole focus. It treats cancer in adults using an integrative model that combines conventional treatments with evidence proven supportive therapies. Each patient is treated as an individual, and h patients are helped to manage treatment-related side effects. Cancer Center of America’s approach is to not only treat cancer patients by using varied methods for treating cancer and helping them cope with cancer’s side effects, but their care managers help with scheduling and organization to ensure that there are no gaps in treatments.

The network is highly accredited and commended for their patient care. They have not only earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission and Top Performer on Key Quality Measures, but they have also earned 5 star ratings from U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. More importantly, they receive excellent patient satisfaction scores.

It is not surprising that a hospital network that values patients would utilize a platform that would make patient care so transparent. Doctors at Cancer Care Centers of America would have an evolving resource that will allow them to treat their patients as individuals.

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