Clinical Pathways Streamlines the Cancer Treatment Process

In an innovative step meant to streamline the cancer treatment process, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to create and launch Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is a custom technical solution to cancer treatment that combines NantHealth’s eviti program for clinical decision support with Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records for clinical workflows. The result is better informed oncologists who can utilize the platform in real time. The NantOS clinical operating system provides a direct interface of constantly updated information.

While it is certainly a good thing that new cancer research is being conducted all the time, it can cause challenges to oncologists who want to present informed and vetted treatment options for their patients. Clinical Pathways presents all appropriate treatment options, along with information on expected costs, accompanying research, and anticipated results. All treatment options in the system are customized to the CTCA standard of care.

Another important aspect of the Clinical Pathways platform is that it is able to take into consideration each patient’s medical history and the stage of their disease while providing treatment for all cancers, cancer subtypes and modalities. Updated guidelines, adverse drug reactions and toxicity are also taken into consideration so that oncologists can present strong options to their patients for a full picture and full transparency. Another bonus is that Clinical Pathways allows for a smoother ordering process and faster insurance processing times.

Oncologists draw treatment information from an Evidence-Based Medical Library, which is maintained by a full-time team including oncologists, oncology nurses, an advisory board of oncology experts and clinical informatics professionals. The program is available for all patients in CTCA’s network of hospitals. CTCA focuses solely on cancer treatment in their five state-of-the-art hospitals in order to provide the best possible cancer treatment and side effect management.

See more about CTCA on YouTube, here.

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