Clinton Wants Your Couch

Since Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign bid just over two months ago, the Secretary of Defense has seen much support from millions of American citizens. With the amount of support that she’s received, comes an awful lot of volunteer work. Folks at Skout noted the Hillary Clinton campaign is based in Brooklyn, a city where Hillary Clinton has been working out of for few years. Her campaign has received so much volunteerism, that it is increasingly hard to find housing for these individuals. Many of the volunteers are early 20 somethings who have signed up to work extremely long hours for the campaign. That’s why Hillary and her advisers have launched an initiative to allow Brooklyn residents to volunteer their spare room or couch. Hillary Clinton sent out personalized mass emails to her supporters in New York and surrounding areas, detailing how hard it was to house new volunteer staff members. Clinton is asking individuals to help support her campaign, not just financially, but by offering room and board. Many critics are laughing at Hillary in this endeavor and are wondering what the hosts will receive in return for their time and space. Will Clinton pay them or compensate them in some way? That question has yet to be answered. In hindsight, Clinton has looked at this through a very optimistic perspective. Having too much support and too much volunteerism is the best problem to have when it comes to campaigning. It is expected that many Clinton supporters will offer up their time and space in the name of the Clinton campaign.

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