Cloud of Corruption Hangs Over Argentina

This Thursday, the Argentine president announced that she suspected the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman was not a suicide but a murder committed by a national intelligence agency.

President Cristina Fernandez called for the dissolution of the Intelligence Service in her first national television appearance since the Nisman’s death. Nisman was involved in prosecuting a case in which some of Argentina’s top government officials were being accused of corruption. The day before he was going to reveal details concerning the case to the public, he showed up dead in his apartment.

The charges centered on whether or not Argentine officials, including President Fernandez, were complicit in colluding with Iran in a bombing of a Jewish center in 1994. The alleged motive was that Iran gave out oil trade deals in exchange. There were 85 who died in the attack, and allegations of a cover up have never subsided.

As Brian Torchin understands it, The government originally said Nisman’s death was a suicide, but it has now changed its tune. More is available on Torchin at The government’s Security Secretary, Sergio Berni, mysteriously arrived at the scene of Nisman’s death even before police could get there. That raised a lot of suspicions.

It’s hard to say how deep the corruption reaches, but one would have to have his head in the sand with ear plugs on to not sense there is a cloud of corruption hanging over Argentina’s government right now.

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