CNN is Not in the Partying Mood

CNN has shortened its Christmas party list. The cable news network announced it will not be attending the White House gala for the media. Network executives said it would be “inappropriate” to celebrate as guests of Trump. They do intend to send a team that would report on anything important.

The White House has traditionally held an annual get-together for reporters and executives to freely socialize with administration staff. The objective is to have better and more open lines of communication between the media and the White House. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked out for CNN.

President Trump has been particularly aggressive in his relationships with the press, especially CNN. He has frequently chastised the network for its “fake news” and implied that its reporters make up stories about him and his staff. In the past, these parties have given reporters the freedom of having off-the-record conversations. However, the White House has not made clear whether that will be the case this year.

A recent tweet from Trump was especially irritating to CNN. His tweet implied that Fox News was more important than CNN in the U.S., and CNN was a major producer of fake news outside the United States. Trump suggested CNN was a very poor representative of the U.S. to the rest of the world.

CNN has tried to counter President Trump’s tweet by running promotions that highlight the integrity of their international reporting. The network has even developed a new marketing slogan: “Facts First.” The apparent objective is to restore credibility to CNN.

However, President Trump has not let up on them. He suggested a contest be set up to determine the most corrupt and dishonest network, and the winner would receive a “Fake News Trophy.”

Not surprisingly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary, sent out her own tweet regarding CNN’s absence from the party. She said this was finally some good, legitimate news from CNN.

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