Coffee Improves Overall Health Studies Say

Drinking coffee has always been a morning staple. According to an article in USA Today, it could also help lead to a longer life. Two newly published studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine say that drinking coffee could reduce the risk of such life shortening illness as heart disease or stroke. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Drinking these popular caffeinated staples have long been a subject of study. Both the risks and benefits have been under scrutiny for years. This study is not the first one to claim that the cup of Joe can help improve health. One of the studies had over 185,000 American participants and showed that no matter the caffeine level, coffee was attributed to lower rates of heart disease, cancer, stroke, kidney disease, and diabetes. This pattern was true for whites, Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans. Since this pattern was the same across different biological profiles, it lends to the factor that coffee is essential a benefit to one’s health. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

One statistic is astounding. Those who drank two to three cups per day, lowered their risk by 18% over a 16 year period compared to their non drinking counterparts. The European study, which had more participants, showed similar results.

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