Common Sense Politics

Elizabeth Warren’s comment of the rich is flawed. The rich business owner creates jobs for the middle class in America. Common sense politicians know that it takes successful businesses to create jobs. If the ‘share the wealth’ mentality of President Obama and his constituents, the democratic party were implemented, this country would suffer a greater economic upheaval than we have seen the Great Depression.

The focus should be on jobs, not punishing the wealthy with more taxation. Our jobs in technology, manufacturing and product development has taken flight. We can bring those needed jobs back to America by reducing corporate taxes, not increasing them.

Americans are faced with more and more financial burden each year and with the passage of the federal health care system, not only does the premium rise for most working class families, but it is also plagued by high deductibles and reduced health care benefits.
We the people have forgotten, our constitution was written to protect our citizens and to thwart big government. Spending has become the top priority in Washington, our tax dollars are flushed down the drain. As soon as money is garnered by the government, it is siphoned off faster than a water flows down a drain.
It is time to elect men and women who will focus on our citizens like Bernardo Chua, and restore prosperity.

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