Computer Sciences Corporation, Innovator Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation or CSC is a business devoted to computer science. It is led by CEO Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is an American businessman, entrepreneur and tech guru. He is also an avid philanthropist. The aim of the company, and one of Eric’s many amazing accomplishments, is innovation.

CSC is based in Virginia, but they have offices all over the globe and around 70,000 employees. They’ve had over 50 years of success thus far. They have a strong foundation through their mission and values. Some of these values include being client centered and motivated to meet the needs of their clients. They believe in diversity and progress, moving forward and keeping up to trends in IT. The company also believes in corporate responsibility and ethics. Eric has also helped to lay this foundation and continues to have an amazing impact through his highly effective leadership.

Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric started his work with computers when he was around 10 years old. He eventually started his own company while in high school. These talents landed him in Harvard University, where he studied literature and wrote for The Harvard Crimson. He also took classes at nearby MIT. Eric graduated and 1988 and relocated to Lost Angeles in 1991. It was in LA that he founded People Doing Things, which focused on various concerns like education and health care. After that, he began Digital Evolution, an agency that eventually combined with US Interactive LLC. In addition to this, he’s also authored a few books and papers that have helped to educate countless aspiring entrepreneurs. (Twitter)

Business isn’t the only place where Eric’s made a difference. He’s been involved in many philanthropic endeavors, founding the Starbright World Network, which served as a support group for kids with terminal illnesses. He’s also given funds to the Painted Turtle, which also caters to children with illnesses. Eric has four children of his own.

It’s not a surprise that with such caring leadership that the company continues to
CSC has a lot to offer going forward. Recently, highly successful Mark Foster was added to the Board of Directors. They also continue to shine through their dedication to corporate responsibility. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Eric and CSC will do next, and the world will be a better place for it!

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