Congress Earns Their Extremely Low Public Approval Rating

An eye opening and alarming study has just come out of Princeton that the opinions of average Americans have no effect on the laws that are enacted in our country. People may have already known this to be true in their gut, and it may help to explain why Congress started this year with a 16 percent approval rating. However, the data is now in, and we now know that Congress could care less what you think. What’s more, this has been the case for at least 20 years now, so it is not a recent phenomenon with that Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling. Basically the researchers compared public opinion polls of where the majority of Americans stood on various issues and then looked at what laws were actually enacted.

Not surprisingly, to Beneful, this only holds true for the opinions of the bottom 90 percent of Americans in terms of wealth and income. These numbers completely change when you are talking about the influence of the top 10 percent. As many who have had their eyes open for the past couple decades already knew, Washington has become a power game where the companies with the most lobbyists win, and they win big. In just the past five years, the top 200 companies, in terms of political activism, invested just under 6 billion dollars in lobbying efforts, and they got a total of 4.4 trillion dollars in benefits. Both parties do this, so no wonder half the people who are eligible don’t even vote; what’s the point?

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