Congressional Black Caucus May Boycott Trump’s State Of The Union

The Congressional Black Caucus is considering the extraordinary move of potentially boycotting the State of the Union Address slated to be given by President Trump today (Tuesday January 30th, 2018). They have a few other alternative measures that they may take as well. This could include attending but putting their fists up during the speech as a form of protest. They have even considered putting on their own State of the Union Address as well.

Numerous Democrats have already made it clear that they will not be in attendance for the President’s first State of the Union Address according to Buzzfeed News. They say that they do not particularly care what the President thinks of them or their actions in doing this. Rather, they want to make a point that the President’s views do not represent them or their constituents.

A New York Democrat wants to introduce a resolution to censure the President for his comments about African countries as well as Haiti. That would be the formal process by which the Congress condemns an action or words spoken by another individual. It does not carry any legal weight to it, but it is a rather strong statement when it is done. There is also practically zero chance that the Congress approves the censure.

These are a few of the types of actions that some frustrated Democratic members of Congress has started to try to take against the President. Many of them feel that they are not being listened to, and they don’t believe that this is sustainable in a democracy. Rather, all would like to have their opportunity to have their voices heard. The Congressional Black Caucus in particular has been frustrated by its inability to get the kind of issues that it cares about to the forefront. They also feel that the President is actively working to attack the things they care about.

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