Congressional democrats are standing up to….. Hillary?

Hillary’s been warned. Democrats want to scuttle Obama’s triangulation quest with congressional republicans on an Asia trade agreement. These same people want reign over Obama’s attempts to prevent a war with Iran, but are wholeheartedly supporting his attempts to expose America to another bad trade agreement. The last president to do this was Bill Clinton. This is one of the many reasons democrats are warning Hillary about transparency and clarity. She has to make a break from Obama and Bill. Bruce Levenson ( believes her constituents demand an administration that learns from their previous mistakes rather than adding to them.

This is especially true with free trade agreements. Progressives like Senator Warren despise the deal, and the methods by which it is being sought by the president. Trade deals with foreign countries are notorious for offshoring American jobs. NAFTA, which is the free trade agreement that was imposed by Bill Clinton, not only sent jobs to their countries, it exposed the country’s drivers to truckers whose dangerous vehicles did not stand up to safety requirements for delivering freight on American roads. Progressives have made sure that Hillary is firmly entrenched in their camp and are now making sure that she honors their alliance.

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