Controversy Surrounds Immigration Policy

A week has passed since Senator Tom Coburn openly divulged that Americans can “Go Nuts” to oppose President Barack Obama’s immigration policy, but little else has progressed in the matter besides some added conversations between a number of different feuding groups.

Senator Coburn told USA Today that the super power will not only face a political firestorm but also events of civil disobedience may also take place among the protest against President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

However, the recent violence in Ferguson, Missouri, may very well show that the ominous report has been proven wrong by Americans. Gallup and CNN independently conducted a poll on Obama’s approval rating 44% which has increased since immigration announcement. In fact, as one Occidental College student’s research demonstrates, at this moment, President Obama is nearly as popular as Late Ronald Reagan was during his presidency.

CNN asked its respondents an interesting question about their thoughts on the immigration policy change. They were asked if they thought the Government has gone too far with the policy. The responses were not what Republicans were hoping for. 26% said too far while 22% said not far enough.

In this sense, enormous amount of American citizens either support President’s policy or wishes it to be more ambitious.


One thought on “Controversy Surrounds Immigration Policy

  • November 27, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    The Republicans expected a swift and severe backlash against Obama but it didn’t happen. The reason was very simple, and Obama’s policy was hardly revolutionary. I know this will be a very simple thing to do and will have to support them too.

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