Cortes Is Working On Preventing Disease In Xerém

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health for Brazil. Recently Extra did an article about him and the disaster that recently happened in the town of Xerém. In the month of January the town of Xerém was affected by floods. The government and the state had set up hydration centers and they had been in operation since Sunday the 15th of January. These hydration centers are crucial for the health of the individuals that are living in the town of Xerém. These centers have the capacity to help over 300 people per day.

One of the main issues for Cortes is the amount of accumulated garbage that is in the city. Because of floods, waste companies have not been able to get to many areas. An increase in the amount of trash coupled with pooled water could bring about more mosquitoes. Many mosquitoes are carriers of the Dengue virus and that could cause a severe health problem for the city of Xerém.

To help prevent further health issues Cortes met with both the municipal health secretary and the Cordinator of The National Health Force of Mendosa. They had gotten together to find solutions to this possible health crisis. The state of Mendosa will be delivering 3000 Antibiotic tablets to help with the early prevention against leptospirosis. The principal aim of Cortes and the Department of Health is to prevent the spread of disease. May diseases can come about because of contaminated water. Other diseases such as chickenpox and meningitis can be spread by human contact and of course diseases such as Dengue can be spread by mosquitoes.

One of the most important things to distribute to the individuals that are in the town of Xerém is bottled water. There are many disaster teams that have been set up to help distribute bottled water in the state. There are some individuals that are currently living in shelters, and there also are individuals that are able to stay in their home. For both groups, it is very important for them to drink clean water and take all measures necessary for them to maintain good hygiene. Cortes is also working on training individuals that can help work in shelters. These individuals will be trained to help spot signs of serious infection before they spread and to help sick individuals to find relief.

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