Cory Booker: a Possible Presidential Candidate

In recent months, it seems that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has built up an even more high-profile reputation. Although he was a stalwart supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton—and even vetted as a potential VP candidate for Secretary Clinton—Booker has been learning how to navigate a world in which Donald Trump became the president. Ever since the inauguration, Booker has gone all out to prove his dedication to the cause. During this time, he has impressed a lot of people with his presidential appearance and demeanor. As with all of the past presidents, he happens to be tall. Clocking in at over six feet tall—with a football player’s build—Booker definitely exudes an impressive energy. However, it takes a lot more than looks to win over the American public.


Although people have been talking about a Booker presidential run for ages, it has been in recent months that his status as a leader of the Democratic Party truly solidified. Particularly, it was during confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions that Booker was able to show off his chops. As a master orator, he always knows how to hold the floor. This was a skill that came in handy during the summer of 2016, when Booker took the floor to demand stricter gun control laws. Flanked by fellow senator Chris Murphy, Booker gave a very compelling testimony of how gun violence had affected his own state.


Booker is a politician who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Whether he’s taking selfies with constituents or challenging the status quo, this sensational senator definitely seems to possess a very promising future. Although he hasn’t confirmed or denied a possible 2020 run for the highest office the land, it should be interesting to see what unfolds in the coming months.


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