Daniel Taub: Former diplomat doubles trade with the U.K

Daniel Taub is an Israeli who served in the office of the ambassador in the United Kingdom. He was appointed by Israel in 2011 and served for four years. He retired in 2015 and went back to Israel where he now is a philanthropist with a Jerusalem based foundation.

Daniel is a loyal Israeli who has served his country with commitment and dedication to work. In his four years of work as ambassador, he did what other ambassadors before him had failed to accomplish.

Daniel Taub raised the profile of his country in the international arena. As an ambassador to the United Kingdom, he had a critical role in selling a good image of his country. The United Kingdom is an influential country in the world and having it on your side on international matters is an added advantage. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub knew the role that had been placed on his shoulders. In his tenure, he actively participated in forums that would raise the portfolio of his country in the international arena.

He participated in TV shows that discussed various matters of international interests. Daniel Taub was cognizant of the influence the British media had. Britain has global media channels such as the BBC meaning that information passed through those channels could reach a global audience.

Daniel Taub used the opportunity he had through the British media to explain to the world facts about the Middle East region which was one of the reasons Israel was facing a backlash in the international forums.

Daniel Taub believed that there was more to the conflicts than the outside world was made to believe. The Middle East situation needed critical analysis as it is different from the way the international community is approaching it. The Middle East conflicts are more complicated than many people know them.

Daniel Taub exonerated Israel from the blame citing Israel as a country that has done all it could to maintain peace and stability in the region.

Israel had already shown its commitment to peace and stability in the region by respecting the peace agreements that had existed before. Already Israel has respected peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan.

Despite the pressure, at times these counties have vowed to stick to the agreements. It is clear that Israel is not to blame for the broken agreement with Palestine. In fact, Palestine withdrew from the peace agreement and not Israel.

The international community should, therefore, push for a better deal in the Middle East when they have established the cause of the problems in the Middle East region.

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