David McDonald’s Contribution at OSI Group

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a global food supplier specializing in value-added protein items such as beef patties and sausage. Besides, they supply items such as pizza and sandwiches to leading retail brands and foodservice. Currently, OSI Group runs over 50 facilities in 17 countries and employs its global-efficiency and strategies to consolidate its presence in the local Chinese market. For the past 20 years, OSI Group has contributed significantly towards the growth of the China’s economy. In fact, OSI’s presence has grown with the China’s economy. Currently, OSI Group operates eight meet processing facilities in China. With two new facilities underway, OSI Group will soon become China’s largest poultry producer.

Last September, OSI Group launched a new mega-plant to help extend its presence in Henan province. Later on, it announced that it would team up with DOYOO Group to build DaiOSI, the company’s third fully vertically integrated poultry facility in China. OSI Group serves leading foodservice and retail brands such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King, and Subway. McDonald says that OSI Group continues to invest heavily in the local Chinese markets due to its growth potential. In fact, it’s today’s fastest growing consumer market in the world. According to McDonald, OSI Group wants to keep up with its great customers who are experiencing exponential growth in the local Chinese markets.

Last year alone, OSI Group launched seven new processing facilities across the world. In September, the privately held corporation launched a beef-processing facility in Poland. The new facility bolstered the plant’s staff by 30%. Last January, OSI Group broke ground on a new modern feed mill in Shandong Province. The new facility ranks as China’s largest feed mills with an annual capacity of 600,000. According to David McDonald, offering more to customers is not confined to production capacity. Instead, it goes beyond product development. OSI Group partners with its clients on product development and its suppliers to achieve desirable products. Involving customers in product development has become even more necessary. David McDonald often engages manufacturers in developing processes that aid in quality improvement and food safety. Again, he actively engages with agricultural suppliers to monitor how they grow products.

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