Dean Heller Goes More Trumpian On Immigration

Call it a sign of an endangered Republican candidate, but Dean Heller of Nevada has started to lean more towards President Trump in recent days. Heller is feeling the heat of a primary challenger in a purple (leaning blue) state, and he has to do something to try to shore up enough votes to even get through the primary process.

Heller has made the calculated choice that he has to side with Trump on certain issues in order to keep enough of the conservative base around to help him get through the primary. At the same time, he has to be worried that making his positions too conservative could turn off enough Nevadians to help the Democratic challenger win in the Fall.

The challenge from the Democrat was going to a strong one no matter what else had happened. The fact that there is a reasonably strong conservative challenger in the primary race as well puts Heller in a tough spot to say the least. He has to try to juggle two different political personalities at the same time.

Democrats are thrilled with these developments to say the least. They have ambitions to take over many Senate seats currently held by the GOP says Politico, but this seat might be on the top of their target list. Not only do they have the conservative challenger in the race that bolsters their chances, but this is also a state that Hillary Clinton was able to hold in the 2016 election. Therefore, they have a better than average chance on this one.

Many political analysts are suggesting that if the Democrats cannot manage to win the Heller seat, then their hopes of making progress in the Senate are all but dashed. Heller, being perhaps the most endangered GOP Senator at the moment has to consider his political future and how he might possibly be able to save it from destruction in the general election in November of this year.

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