Democratic House Member Says He Knows Trump Is A Con Artist

It is not that uncommon for opposing political parties to go after members of the other party. That is basically what they are designed to do. However, it is less common to hear a sitting member of Congress call the sitting President a con artist. According to The Hill, that is exactly what Rep. Luis Gutierrez said about President Trump. He is not impressed by what he has seen from the President up to this point. He wants more accountability from those who are in charge, and he is not afraid to call him out.


The representative sits on the House Judiciary Committee and says that it appears that Trump knew exactly what he was doing when members of his campaign team were caught speaking with Russian officials. That was important because many of those Trump team members initially denied that they had contact with the Russians until it was discovered that in fact they did.


Gutierrez insists that the President knew about this and is now working to cover it up as best as possible.


Former FBI Director James Comey plays a big role in all of this as he was in charge of the FBI until very recently when he was fired by Donald Trump. It was he who Trump asked to speak with privately and he who Trump asked to lay off of the Russia investigation. Of course, this is not the way that things are supposed to work in the US government. We live in a government that is supposed to be open and democratic. That means that Trump asking him to lay off the investigation is really a breach of values of this country.


The Democratic lawmaker was more than happy to lay into the Trump Administration and continue to say that he believes that they are lying about quite a few things and that he would like to see them come forward and explain themselves to the American people.


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