Democratic Party Likely To Support Leticia James In Bid To Become New York Attorney General

Public Advocate Leticia James of New York City is seeking to become the next attorney of New York and is gaining much support from the Democratic party. Several influential labor unions were also present at a press conference on Wednesday that was used to officially announce James’ campaign.


The Democratic convention for the state of New York is scheduled for May 23 and James hopes to gain the 50% of the delegate votes there that is necessary to become the party’s officially backed candidate.


James looks to fare well at the convention as 10% of the voting delegates are from James’ home King’s County where her support by the constituency in Brooklyn appears to be unquestioned.


The campaign of Leticia James looks even more promising when taking into account that she is also likely to pick up two large counties in Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau. The norm for these counties is to vote as a block and together they represent 16% of the voter delegation.


James also announced on Wednesday that she would not be seeking the endorsement of the Working Families Party, a liberal organization whose convention is scheduled for May 19. Her decision not to seek the official support of the WFP is seen as an attempt to show allegiance to Governor Andrew Cuomo who has battled recently with the WFP. The decision by James is surprising due to the fact that she is the sole New York City council member to ever gain office while representing a third party.


It is presumed that the James campaign is hoping to gain additional favor with more moderate Democrats by rejecting an endorsement from the ultra-liberal WFP. Many of these moderate Democrats are still upset with the WFP for their support of actress Cynthia Nixon in her bid to when the governorship from Cuomo.


Both the Westchester and Bronx Democratic Parties are also expected to see their delegates vote in favor of Leticia James.

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