Democratic Voters Want New Leadership, Move To The Left

Democratic voters seem to know what they want and it is not the current leadership or the focus of the party. In a new Harvard-Harris poll, 52 percent of Democratic voters said they support “movements within the Democratic Party to take it even further to the left and oppose the current Democratic leaders.”

This is a call to change the entire ideology of the party. Essentially, it is a cry for political insurrection.

And the long-term implications are even worse for the party. A full 69 percent of Democratic voters ages 18-34 say they support a move to the left and the ouster of the current leadership. Going forward, the Democratic Party will have to listen to this block of voters if they want to stay relevant.

One other thing the Harvard-harris poll exposed what the Establishment idea that the so-called “Bernie Bros” left wing of the party was made up of white men. According to the poll, women and people of color support the movement and leadership change.

Women support the move by a 55 percent majority. Hispanics (65 percent) and African-Americans (55 percent) also support these policies. Compare those numbers to whites (46 percent) and men (49 percent) and a clearer picture can be seen as to who makes up the Establishment and left wings of the party.

Too many Establishment Democrats are willing to sit back and do nothing, thinking that the disastrous Trump presidency will allow them to waltz into the White House in 2020. This poll should give them pause. With a majority of Democratic voters wanting new leadership and a new direction for the party, complacency could once again lead to defeat.

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