Democrats Ahead of Republicans in Another Area – Fundraising

Recent elections and the most recent poll numbers have been less than encouraging for Republicans. In addition to these dismal facts, it has been revealed that members of Grand Old Party are trailing their Democratic rivals in what has become the lifeblood of modern politics – fundraising.
According to a recent study, 43 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives failed to match the funds raised by the Democrats running in the same districts. Funding disadvantages could combine with other issues, including the low public approval rating of President Donald Trump, to make the November elections a nightmare for the GOP. More information about the Republican fundraising crisis is available at
The situation facing Republicans is reminiscent of the Democratic debacle of 2010. It was during these first national elections since Barack Obama became president that the GOP captured 63 seats in the House. Significantly, the fundraising status of Republicans is about where it was for Democrats before that election, with approximately one-third of the incumbents who came up short in fundraising losing their seats.
In 2018, some of the funding shortfalls are affecting districts in which Republican incumbents are already in trouble. Such incumbents include Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California and Rep. Jason Lewis in Minnesota. However, Republicans have also failed to match the funding of their Democratic challengers in seats that were previously thought to have been safe. In Iowa, Rep. Steve King has raised less than a third of the amount brought in by the Democrat who is expected to challenge him.
The situation facing the Republicans may lead to a system of political “triage,” in which candidates who are considered too far behind are abandoned so the party can concentrate on those who can still be saved. Some Republican incumbents may survive on their own. In Virginia, Rep. Barbara Comstock has raised nearly $1 million despite the fact that she serves in a district that was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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