Democrats Are Raising More Money Than Republicans

Raising money for campaigns is always a very big concern for politicians. They will have great difficulty getting elected if they run out of money to buy ads on radio and TV. House Democrats are experiencing a large amount of success when it comes to raising campaign money recently. In fact, they have never been able to raise money at this pace in the entire history of the Democratic party. The Democrats were able to raise a larger amount of money than the Republicans during 2017’s second quarter. A total of $10.7 million was raised in the month of June. This is according to data that has been officially reported by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. This means that the Democrats were able to rake in $29 million in donations during the quarter.

A spokesman for the DCCC has said that most of the money that has been donated so far this year has come in very small amounts. This only emphasizes that every little bit counts. There is no donation that is too small. The spokesman went on to say that he believes the large amount of donated money has come from the fact that the public is not in favor of President Trump’s current agenda.

The House of Representatives is set for a number of big battles during the midterm elections that will take place in November of 2018. The money that is being raised by the Democrats right now will be crucial in helping them put up a fight in those elections down the road. One of the things that Democrats can hang their hats on is the fact that they have received donations from 300,000 people who had never donated to the party before. This gives them great hope for the future. They will need more money for 2018.

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