Democrats at Odds Over Mid-Term Strategy

The mid-term elections are fast approaching. The Democrats are hoping that they will be able to win back control of one or both houses of Congress. However, the members of the Democratic Party are at odds as to how best motivate voters to come out and back them for office.


One wing of the Democratic Party believes that that best strategy is push back against President Trump and focus on the investigations that are underway against his administration. They believe that this will keep the base of the party fired up going into November. This strategy relies on making sure that there is an extremely high turnout of Democratic Party voters.


Another wing of the Democratic Party believes that focusing on the Russia investigation and condemning President Trump isn’t the best course of action. Senators such as Mark Warner of Virginia believe that Democrats need to offer voters answers to the problems that they are facing.


Most of the Democrats that are trying to hold on to their Senate seats have said that the investigations against President Trump aren’t at the forefront of people’s mind. The people they meet on the campaign trail want to know what the Democratic Party is for and not what it is against.


The Democrats have an uphill struggle on their hands to take control of the Senate. Several Democrats are running in states where President Trump won handily. Some analysts believe that the Republicans could actually gain seats in the Senate.


The House is a different prospect. The Democrats need to win 24 seats to gain control. This is possible. The seats that the Democrats will concentrate on are in districts were Hillary Clinton had a high-level of support during the presidential campaign.

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