Democrats Faced With Stress As Left Wants To Block Gina Haspel’s and Mike Pompeo’s Appointments

Political parties, especially the two giants – Republicans and Democrats – in the United States of America’s political landscape, often disapprove of one another’s appointments to bodies like the Supreme Court or the Cabinet.

In the nation’s most recent rendition of this quasi-theatrical feud, reminiscent of Kentucky’s Hatfields and McCoys, Democratic Senators are under pressure to veto Donald Trump’s most recent additions to his cabinet. The only way for the left half of the United States Senate to get rid recent appointees is to bind together on the issue, all voting in unison with one another.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At These Cabinet Appointees

Gina Haspel has been selected to fill the role of CIA Deputy Director and Mike Pompeo to transition into Rex Tillerson’s former role of Secretary of State.

Many political figures on the left believe that Gina Haspel’s past involvement in inhumane interrogation tactics practiced on detainees of the Central Intelligence Agency should disqualify her from such a position. However, as such techniques – more like “torture methods” – are legal under United States law, only Democratic Senators can veto her from the appointment.

Experts on the left oppose Mike Pompeo as potential Secretary of State for having a controversial view of the religion and people of Islam, alongside a so-not-friendly stance on Iran.

15 Democratic Caucus members of the Senate actually voted for him to fill a role in the Central Intelligence Agency must be persuaded to vote against him as chief executive of the State Department.

Ties Inside The Democratic Caucus Identify Issues In The Way Of Agreement

Moderate members of the Democratic Senate need to patch recent tears from Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts rooted in disagreement on recent banking deregulations.

Dianne Feinstein of California has long fought so-called “enhanced interrogation” used by the CIA, and is steadily moving towards voting against Gina Haspel. However, experts believe Feinstein’s formal stances on appointments don’t lend themselves to intraparty collusion.

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