Democrats Get Rare Praise From Koch Brothers Over Immigration Stance

Charles and David Koch are well-known conservative Republican supporters who have dumped as much as a half a billion dollars worth of campaign support into local and national elections over the past 15 years. Not one major Republican national candidate has won without their financial support and their money has been the tipping factor in many Comgressional and state races. They nearly always support the Republican candidate, which is why the their latest round of campaign ads are making such noise in political circles.


With the mid-term Congressional elections coming up, the Hispanic outreach arm of the Koch network – called the LIBRE Initiative – is putting at least $8 million into a campaign to run advertising in support of Democratic candidates who support legal immigration and are campaigning on a platform that includes the passage of the so-called “Dreamer Act.”


While most of the Koch Brothers legislative priorities are economic-based, the duo has long-supported the idea of a more liberal immigration policy, including making it easier for temporary immigrants to qualify for work visas and other government programs. That stance is markedly different than the position of the current Trump Administration, which along with the national Republican Party has been advocating for stronger laws against immigration as well as raising penalties for U.S. companies who hire undocumented workers.


Officials who work at the Democratic Congressional Conference don’t expect to see the Koch Brothers support of their candidates in the future, given the policy differences between the billionaire brothers and the average Democratic candidate. But in a tough election year such as 2018, they welcome all the help they can get. Even if some of it comes from a very unlikely source.


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