Democrats Hope To Learn Lessons From Strong Showing By UK Labour Party

The Democratic Party in the United States is hoping to learn some lessons from their counterparts so to speak in the United Kingdom. That being the Labour Party. They want to know what the Labour Party did to overcome what looked like terrible polling numbers for them leading up to the election to come out with a better than expected showing.


The Huffington Post notes that Democrats are happy to find strategy answers from just about anywhere at this point. They are not going to turn their nose up at anything that they think might have a chance at working. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is getting a lot of the credit for running a great campaign, but other factors may have played into how well Labour did.


There were two terrorist attacks leading up to the vote in the United Kingdom. Those both may well have played into the fears of the British people and caused them to turn against the leadership that they had at that moment. They may have seen Theresa May as not the type of leader that could be trusted to keep them safe. After all, see had not been elected as Prime Minister by the people but rather appointed after David Cameron resigned from his office.


Labour did do some things very well that Democrats could perhaps learn from. For example, they did keep pointing out that the Conservatives were not willing to hold even one debate against them. It looked like the Conservatives were too afraid to argue their case. If Democrats push Republicans like this as well they may see some better results and turn out more young people to the polls. Those people need to show up at the polls for the Democrats to have a chance. They have to energize them the way that Labour energized their young voters to care about this election.


Considering all of this, the Democrats really could take a page from Labour and start to really fight for something.


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